Specified Serious Illness

At Safe Life & Pensions Ltd we offer a range of Specified Serious Illness Cover from the following life Companies: Aviva Life & Pensions, Caledonian Life, Irish Life, New Ireland Assurance PLC, Zurich Life.

Specified Illness cover is a benefit which pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the conditions as defined in your policy. You can use this lump sum to help maintain you and your family’s standard of living, pay for medical bills, adapt your house to make your day to day life easier. and help you cope during a difficult time.

Payment on diagnosis of a serious illness is also subject to an additional requirement i. e. that the life assured survives 14 days the diagnosis of the serious illness.

Specific Serious Illness is available in the following forms

  1. Stand Alone Specified Serious Illness Cover
  2. Life with Accelerated Specified Serious Illness (available with Term Life Assurance & Mortgage Protection Policies). With Accelerated Specified Serious illness if you are to claim the amount of Specified Serious illness benefit, it will be deducted from your life cover leaving you with a lower life cover.
  3. Life with Independent Specified Serious Illness.( Available with Term Life Assurance policies). With this cover both Specified Serious Illness & Life will be paid out independently of one another.


Surgical procedures and Permanent & Total disability are additional benefits that can be included with Specified Serious Illness.

Independent Stand-alone Cancer is available with or without Life Assurance with Zurich Life.





















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