Sports Accident Plan

If you were unable to work due to a Sports Accident  how much money would you lose? Could you still pay your bills and continue to buy all the things that you want. What would happen to you or your family if you had to take time off work?


At Safe Life & Pensions Ltd we offer the Sports Accident  plan from HIVE Insurance Services Ltd.

This Sports Accident  Plan provides you with the peace of mind that if you are unable to work you will still receive a regular income which can help provide for your family’s needs.


 If you ever need to make a claim proof of earnings is not required although if employed proof that you have been working a minimum of 16 hours per week will be required or that you are self employed


Benefits begin..

  • After you have been unable to work for 14 consecutive days due to a sports accident  but is payable up to a maximum of 26 weeks
  • After you have been hospitalized for 14 consecutive days after a sports accident but is payable up to a maximum of 104 weeks
  • coma benefit is payable for every full week you are in a coma after a sports accident up to a maximum of 26 weeks.
  • A lump sum Serious Injury Benefit is payable for specified Serious Injuries following a sports accident
  • Fracture Benefits are payable for specified fractures from sports accidents



Where the accident does not result from participation in sports.

Fractures during the first 7 days of the plan.

Mountaineering & Rock Climbing.

All Combat sports & Winter sport races.

Professional sports.

Specified extreme sports.










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