At Safe Life & Pensions Ltd we offer the complete range of Pension policies on offer from the following life Companies: Aviva Life & Pensions, Irish Life, New Ireland Assurance PLC & Zurich Life.

In addition we have Agency appointments with BCP Asset Management,the Independent Trustee Company(ITC) and Wealth Options Ltd. These Companies offer innovative and specialist pension products often at significantly better value than those offered by traditional Life Companies, Banks, & Building Societies.                                                                                                                                      A pension is effectively a long term tax efficient savings plan.

The Pension calculator on this website is based upon a calculator built by Aviva Life & Pensions.

It is designed to provide a guidline indicator for bridging the pension gap. It is recommended that you speak to your broker before buying any financial product.


Mind the Gap

Calculator is built by Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland Ltd

Safe Life & Pensions Ltd will provide advice & consultation on the following,

  • The Retirement Fund you will need to provide the level of income you require in retirement.
  • The type of Pension Plan that will suit you best. i.e. Personal Pension Plan, PRSA, Executive Pension Plan,
  • The contribution rate required now to help build the Retirement Fund you will need to provide the level of income you require in retirement.
  • The many tax breaks available. i.e. contributions are tax deductible, funds grow tax free.
  • The different investment fund options open to you and the suitability of the funds to your investor profile taking into account your term to retirement.
  • If existing pension plan charges are excessive.
  • If you are maximizing all available tax breaks with your current Pension.
  • If it would be better to switch funds with your current pension provider or change your current pension provider altogether.
  • How your benefits can be taken at retirement with a combination of Tax Free Lump Sum, Annuity, ARF,AMRF, & taxable cash.
  • Comparing the market to ensure you get the best deal from your AMRF/ARF.
  • Regular monitoring of your AMRF/ARF to ensure it remains on course to meet your expectations.
  • Tax implications of drawing down income from the ARF.
  • The optimum balance between investment growth expectations for the capital invested in an ARF versus income drawdown requirements to ensure ARF does not run out of capital.
  • Setting up Personal Retirement bonds.
  • The different annuity options available.
  • Choosing the best annuity option taking into account spouse or dependant requirements, income requirements, security of the life company, and annuity rate.
  • Advise on any changes in pension’s law or general tax law that may impact your retirement options.


The following is a list of the various types of Pensions available in the marketplace

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