Personal Accident Insurance

At Safe Life & Pensions Ltd we offer the Personal Accident Insurance Plan from HIVE Insurance Services Ltd.


We all believe ‘it will never happen to me’ but I'm sure you are aware of someone who has suffered a serious accident – either at work, in a car or at home.

Just ask yourself...what would happen if you suffered a serious injury?
It’s likely you’ll need to take some time off work to recover, which could hit your earnings. And then there are other financial costs - perhaps you’ll need to make changes around the house or other expensive lifestyle changes. Let’s not forget the inconvenience and disruption to your life and those around you either.

This is why the HIVE Insurance Services Personal Accident Plan could prove invaluable. It pays out a lump sum benefit if you suffer a specified injury. With up to €200,000 of benefits, it means you can concentrate on getting better without having to worry about money.


Key Benefits

21 fracture benefits + 2 additional cash benefits on Premier Plan

fracture cover does not start until day 16 of your policy

Any children covered under the Premier Plan will be entitled to 50% of all fracture benefits

Upgrade to the Premier PLUS Plan for a further 18 serious accident benefits

Immediate day 1 cover on the 18 serious accident benefits on the Premier PLUS Plan

Children covered  under the Premier Plus Plan will be entitled to 10% of adult benefits (50% in the case of Hospitalization)

Hospitalization excludes the 1st 24 hours and is payable for up to 45 days per insured person per policy year.

Maximum benefits  €200,000 under the Premier PLUS Plan

                                 €60,000 under the Premier Plan













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