Level 1 Everyday

Cover for a private room in public hospital at semi private rate and money back on day to day medical expenses.

  • Cover for a private room in a public hospital at semi-private rate.
  • 65% cover in a semi-private room in a private hospital.
  • 35% cover for all listed cardiac procedures in high-tech hospitals.
  • Full cover for all our listed day case procedures in public and 60% in private hospitals.
  • Cover for in patient consultant fees.
  • Full cover in approved centres and public hospitals for out patient PET-CT, MRI scans & CT scans. If you have these treatments carried out in a private or high tech hospital, we will pay up to a maximum of 66% of your total hospital treatment charge, not exceeding the total benefit listed on your table of cover.
  • Cancer care support benefit for accommodation costs incurred when travelling
  • GP visits, up to €30 per visit up to 25 visits
  • Dentist, up to €30 per visit up to 25 visits
  • Physiotherapist, up to €30 per visit up to 25 visits