Health Plan 05

Cover for a private room in public hospitals

  • You will have full cover for a semi-private room in a public hospital
  • You will have full cover for private room in a public hospital
  • Full cover for a semi-private room in a private hospital – subject to a €75 excess and a €2,000 co-payment on certain Orthopaedic procedures
  • Cover for in patient consultant fees
  • Full cover for all day case procedures in public hospitals, and full cover for all day cases in private and high-tech hospitals subject a €75 excess
  • Cover for up to 3 nights in a public maternity hospital
  • 24-hour access to nurse-on-call for day-to-day medical information
  • Excellent accident and emergency cover when you are on holiday or abroad
  • 100 days in-patient psychiatric cover (Non Substance Abuse related) and 91 days in-patient cover per 5 years for Substance Abuse related cases.
  • This plan includes a range of member benefits including dental benefits, health screening,laser eye surgery, Back- Up and other discounts exclusively for Irish Life Health members